Thank you for choosing Alliance Crossroads! Here you will find options to purchase your membership, events, and the Alliance Crossroads Player's Guide. 

You can also purchase goblin stamps which are used to buy in-game items and event experience, which helps us AND you at the same time! 

Please note: You must have an active membership to play, whether PCing or NPCing. You can purchase a one-event membership if only playing that single event. 

In order to use goblin stamps between events you must have an active year membership. 

Attendance at events is guaranteed only for those that pre-register and pre-pay. 

Online early registration price: $60 Post-registration deadline through Friday - credit cards accepted: $75 Door Price - CASH ONLY THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION: $75 Event fees are non-refundable. A minimum 2.9% fee is added to each item to cover the transaction cost for the convenience of online prepayment, and will show as a shipping charge on your receipt.

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